Charity Fund & Schemes
Yan Oi Tong Elderly Care Fund

The home arrival supporting service is tailored for the elderly with comparatively lower self-care capabilities, physical weakness yet qualified for living in the elderly home subsided by the Government of Hong Kong or seriously lack of family support from the carers. The household cleaning, out-patient escort and day-care service are a few highlights of the service programme. Whenever it is necessary, the household maintenance and repairs, food, oil and rice, home appliances donation are also available for enhancing the quality of life among the elderly and reducing the pressure of the carers from caring the beloved.

YOT Elderly Care Fund provides the assistance including home-moving escort, Chinese medicine, treatments for Chinese osteopathy and acupuncture, special activity fees, funeral services daily goods purchase, out-patient escort and discharge, daily care, household cleaning, personal care, home maintenance and repairs, home design modification, assessment/treatments from the physiotherapist and occupational therapist, point-to-point coach services meals delivery, gift donations and other special assistance for particular cases.

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